Vlada Volnovskaya
A memorable and controversial artist. She is at the very beginning of forming her creative profile.

«Loneliness as a fact».
The definition has two different phenomena: positive (privacy) and negative (isolation). However, more often it is mentioned with negative intonations, referring to the state of a person in which they feel unwanted, rejected, misunderstood and, in this regard, experiencing inner distress. Prominent psychologists call Loneliness a disease of modern society, since choosing to live alone is an acquired skill.
Nevertheless, it is known that the medal has 2 sides.
The one who is not developed enough as an individual, who is not able to enter into relations with the world one – on – one, suffers in isolation. Being deprived of connections with other people and not finding a worthy companion in himself or herself, he or she accepts the fact of Loneliness as suffering.
And outstanding, highly spiritual people value solitude as an important resource for creativity and self-development.

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