Tove-Mari Odderdal
Female artist from South in Norway. Member of the bord of Pridart Oslo. Also working With different artprojects and exhibittions in the South region of Norway. The main intention is to give the LGBTQ artists/art a safe and serious platform to show who we are, and tell our stories.

My artwork is inspired by the Swiss Psychatrist Carl Jungs theory and ideas of a Shadow Self and The Shadowland. Here we explore new universes and and lands of fairytales. The human mind, with its hidden and primitive emotions creates a mental landscape, characters and phenomenons. Our deepest fears and things we woud rather keep hidden, are here exposed and brought into the daylight. I mainly work with acrylic paint on canvas and photography. My focus is to emphasize the figurative form of the photography, while still keeping the painterly look in my works. I like to explore new and innovative ways of mixing photography and paint by combining a wide range of techniques.