Marie So
Marie So, a through and through creative person.
For me, art is an opportunity to immerse myself in my own world, opening up different facets of my personality, leaving my world view in the paintings. Like any artist in search, I love experiments thus I will present a small series of cartoons that reflect the illusions of a person living in the modern world.
The era of consumption, the world of modern technology is imposing on us a heap of false values. It advertises goods not needed by most people, creates trends, public opinions, dictates fashion, deflecting or sifting out all disagreeres. It is the easiest way to control the masses, distracting people from the most important thing – themselves. Immersed in the illusions of imposed opinions, a person becomes stereotyped and loses the ability to think for himself or herself. However, I believe that people are smart, that even in the abundance of information, everyone can escape and find his place. And sometimes just need a look from the outside is what you need to make it happen..