Asya Sergievskaya
In her paintings, Asya Sergievskaya explores the sexuality and attractiveness of women’s body from the perspective of a lesbian. A female body is exposed by the artist in a classical way of art and nude photography, but she uses bright, intense colors, tight brushstrokes and an expressive play with light and shadow demonstrating both, differences and similarities, in the view on the beauty of the human body typical for hetero- and homosexual relationships.
The author literally demolishes the imaginations of people unfamiliar with LGBT relationships, who assume that lesbians always are manlike or that they just had no success in their relationships with men and subconsciously continue to look for masculine traits in their female partners. Asya shows us in her art the truth: that a woman can love her body and love another woman without imposing masculine traits on her. For many people, it is difficult to accept this truth, which is why the artist gives an impulse to our feelings, to help us feel that things can be different.
The artist encourages us to put logic aside and not to analyze other people’s preferences based only on our own experience and the labels we put on others. Just look at these paintings and accept this different point of view as a given fact and as an opportunity to widen your understanding of beauty.

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