From October 20 to 22, the Open Art Festival 2023 will open its doors in Moscow.

For the sixth consecutive year, we unite creative and artistic people and create a space for freedom of expression.

Despite the growing restrictions and unstable situation in the country, we have great enthusiasm and clear intentions to make this festival truly grand. Fasten your seat belts – we’ll have some surprises for you! Preparations are in full swing, the team is working hard to make the festival rich and unforgettable. The program promises to be not only interesting, but also relevant to today’s reality, in which millions of people involuntarily found themselves. Theme of the festival: «Endangered species: Russia 2023» reflects a situation in which not only «forbidden» social groups have become endangered species in Russia, but also the simplest things that until recently seemed familiar and natural in our everyday life.

What awaits the guests of the festival this year?

We will not recede from traditions and plan to fill the website with creative works and events affecting socially significant topics. An exhibition of paintings, master classes, photo projects, performances, workshops, installations – everything so that you plunge headlong into the world of art, get saturated with resources and recharge with positive energy in this difficult time. Moreover, the festival website this year allows you to make the most unusual and bold ideas come true.

Apply the form and get involved
at the Open Art Festival 2023
! Who we are looking for !
Artists, Photographers, Comic artists, Musical performers,
Theater and performance groups.
If your,,,
  • 1
    work touches on socially significant topics
  • 2
    creativity is a challenge to prejudices, stereotypes and limitations
  • 3
    creativity is free from any form of discrimination
  • 4
    strive to make the world kinder and more harmonious
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