Tomas Gunnarsson, the Gender Photographer.

Images in mass media can be a conservative force in society – cementing narrow gender roles, stereotypes and ideas about who is “normal” and who is not. But images can also be used to challenge those norms, and make society more open, accepting and equal. This will be the topic of the lectures and creative workshops by Swedish journalist and photographer Tomas Gunnarsson, also known as the Gender Photographer. He will also present his photo exhibition “Images that change the world: a guide to equal communication”, created in collaboration with the City of Gävle and the Swedish Institute.


Madde Edlund is based in Stockholm and works with cultural activism, filmmaking and art. 

She has curated and been project manager for the documentary screening network Doc Longe and Refugees welcome Open Cinema. Exploring different ways of creating safe spaces and challenging spatial norms is some of her favorite things to do!

In 2018 at the Open Art festival Madde and collaborator Fina Sundqvist organized a glitter explosion workshop together with volunteers and visitors. This is her second time at Open Art and she is really looking forward to talk, dance and make art together with all of you at this year’s festival.


Olga Andreevskikh is a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds (UK).

Specialising in contemporary Russian media discourses on non-heteronormativity and LGBTQ. Having devoted her doctoral thesis to a study into representations of non-heteronormative masculinities in Russian news media, Olga has moved on to a new project on media discourses about non-heteronormative femininity, as well as to cultural projects connected with queer cinema and queer art.

The overview of ‘Queer art in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia’ will be held in an interactive workshop-like format. During the talk the audience will be introduced to the mechanism of queering / queer reading of Soviet and Post-Soviet cultural artefacts. The material of the lecture will represent various kinds of art (in the broad sense of the term) – i.e., cinema, theatre, poetry, conceptual art, music, fine art, photography and fashion. The working concepts of the talk will include such terms as ‘queer/queerness’, ‘queer optic’, ‘visuality’ and ‘visibility’.


Bikkie Ly is a contemporary, conceptual fine art artist who attempts to exploit profound and thought provoking interpretations of issues, using digital multimedia as her medium.

Bikkie enjoys the challenges that are involved in making a new piece, as this gives her the motivation to express concepts in a contextualised approach. Gender identity is an ongoing interest to those who do not conform to societies gender norms, being the stereotypes that mainstream society puts upon us depending on our sex. Bikkie is currently working on the project ‘Fragmentation Series’, which explores the concepts and our perceptions of time/reality/memories/unconscious. This will coincide with a research area exploring the links between Trauma & Creativity. This area will be focusing on how symbolism is commonly used, in Surrealism as a form of expression.

Exhibition: One Day (2013) A series that explores the concepts around gender identity, particularly that of a Transgendered individual. A transgendered person is someone who are born in the wrong biological gendered body, and feel they are of the opposite gender, trapped inside the wrong body. The images in the series portrays the many different emotional and psychological distress they endure on a daily basis, it is a relentless battle between the mind and body, the silent killer of constantly being reminded they are in trapped inside the wrong body.


Tove-Mari Odderdal

About my art

My artwork is inspired by the Swiss Psychatrist Carl Jungs theory and ideas of a Shadow Self and The Shadowland. Here we explore new universes and and lands of fairytales. The human mind, with its hidden and primitive emotions creates a mental landscape, characters and phenomenons. Our deepest fears and things we woud rather keep hidden, are here exposed and brought into the daylight. I mainly work with acrylic paint on canvas and photography. My focus is to emphasize the figurative form of the photography, while still keeping the painterly look in my works. I like to explore new and innovative ways of mixing photography and paint by combining a wide range of techniques

About me

Female artist from South in Norway. Member of the bord of Pridart Oslo. Also working With different  artprojects and exhibittions in the South region of Norway. The main  intention is to give the LGBTQ artists/art a safe and serious  platform to show who we are, and tell our stories.